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ConferenceinEurope & its Conference Partners is a open platform and World's leading education hubs for its conference partner program. To become our conference partners, interested organizers are requested to send below listed information to [email protected].

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Logo
  • Official Website Address
  • Mail address
  • Brief Description of your organization within 500-700 characters.
  • Social Media Links if any

To become a conference partner with, email us with the above details with appropriate subject line: "Conference Partners - ConferenceinEurope". Our team will verify the information and send you the confirmation for conference partner program along with special user login account details where you'll be able to publish conferences/events at your organization regularly with us.

Note: Conference partner program is completely free. Neither we nor our employees will ask for any kind of registration fee for conference partner program. If you happen to come across any such financial demands, report us at: [email protected].


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